Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blue Dawn at the Blue John

Sunday 20th November (7.59am start!)

Blue John Cavern, near Castleton, Peak District.

Gatecrasher Steve

Which way?
Blue John Cavern > Quarry > Oxlow Rake > Cavedale > Casteleton > Blue John Cavern

Is it published?
Probably not (it's a bit short).

Tracklog file? (What’s this?)
Coming soon!

Cavedale descent.
Picturesque climb through trees at Oxlow Rake.
The broken road climb (maybe!).

I got up to feed our 10 week old son at 5.30am but then found my partner got there first. Feeling wide awake, rather than go back to bed I had some breakfast, packed my ruc-sack and headed to the hills.
I was on my bike before 8am, just as the sun was coming up over the hill. It was a crisp, clear, cold morning (-2 Celcius in Manchester) with a ground frost, so the ride was blissfully mud-free for this time of year.

Route details
Distance: About 7 miles?
Duration: 2 hours
Ascent: ?
% off-road: About 50%?
Technical difficulty: 3/5
Fitness difficulty: 2/5

Map coming soon!

What else?
Castleton has plenty of pubs and tea shops.
The Blue John Cavern is open to visitors.


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